This season, we're simplifying your morning routine with our range of easy-to-wear sweater dresses and tunics, perfect for those busy fall mornings when you're running late but still want to look stylish.

Our collection features cozy sweater dresses that are as comfortable as they are chic. Crafted from our new cable knit, ribbed jersey and soft jersey fabrics, these dresses offer warmth and style in one easy-to-wear piece.

Just throw on a sweater dress, add your favorite boots, and you're ready to face the day.

We've also included a range of tunics in our collection. These versatile pieces can be paired with leggings for a casual look or dressed up with a pair of tailored pants. With their relaxed fit and comfortable fabric, our tunics are the perfect solution for those mornings when you need a quick and stylish outfit.

But it's not just about convenience.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and some with accents of our new velvet fabric, infusing a touch of luxury into your everyday wear. A velvet trim on a tunic or a velvet bow on a sweater dress can transform your outfit, adding a unique element that catches the eye and leaves a lasting impression.


This fall let's make every morning effortless with our stylish and easy-to-wear sweater dresses and tunics.

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Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Coat | Bram | Charcoal | Pewter
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Dress | Baliana | Black
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Top | Beauregard | Libella White
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Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Dress | Boxai | Black | Charcoal
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