Step into a world where art becomes a wearable masterpiece with our first holiday drop at Art Basel.

This exclusive collection features a symphony of creativity, showcasing unique dresses and breathtaking statement creations that seamlessly blend the boundaries between fashion and art.

Each piece is a testament to the intersection of artistic expression and sartorial elegance, promising a holiday season adorned with one-of-a-kind garments that speak volumes.

Our Art Basel holiday drop is a celebration of individuality, inviting you to don pieces that are not just clothing but expressions of personal style. From intricate details inspired by iconic women and different medium artists to avant-garde silhouettes that redefine fashion norms, every item in this collection is a journey through the boundless realms of creativity.

Embrace the spirit of the season with these wearable art pieces that transcend the conventional, offering a curated experience for those who seek to make a statement through their fashion choices. As you explore this collection, immerse yourself in the allure of Art Basel's influence on the world of couture – where each garment is a canvas, and you are the artist of your own style narrative.

This holiday, let your wardrobe reflect the vibrant hues of artistic expression with our Art Basel wearable art collection.

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Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Coat | CANDY | Black
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Jacket | CRYSTAL | Deep Blue
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Tunic | CARELLE | Deep Blue
Sold Out
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Top | Christiano | Black | Flou Print
Sold Out
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Tights | CATALINE | Black
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Tunic | CARELLIMA2 | Black
Sold Out