At Marie Saint Pierre, we wanted to pay tribute to Vivienne Westwood in this timeless Winter Collection. Vivienne Westwood, one of the few women and pioneer of the fashion world, brought a deep femininity in a non-conformist way.

Going back to the punk era, we borrowed some of the codes of this movement: tulle, lace and layering in a spirit of rebellion. A palette of dark colours infused with textures and sequins, sheer filters made with tulle, and a thickened opacity achieved through multiple collages. From matte to metallic, the Atelier 2023 Winter collection speaks of strong feminism and renewed power.

Our classics have been reinterpreted through the prism of the punk movement. These rediscovered treasures, reworked again to freeze time. The iconic hand cut organza feathers of the house symbolizes both freedom and femininity.

By revisiting its past, the Maison embeds its creative journey in timelessness.

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Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Coat | CANDY | Black
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Jacket | CRYSTAL | Deep Blue
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Tunic | CARELLE | Deep Blue
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Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Top | Christiano | Black | Flou Print
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Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Tights | CATALINE | Black
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Tunic | CARELLIMA2 | Black
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