Handmade organza feathers are a distinctive hallmark of Maison Marie Saint Pierre, embodying the very essence of our commitment to local craftsmanship and precision. These exquisite feathers represent a labor-intensive process where each strand is pleated, gathered, and meticulously cut one by one with scissors. This painstaking and time-consuming effort reflects our unwavering dedication to artisanal work and the artistry that defines our brand. It's a meticulous craft and, in our Winter 2023 Atelier Collection, these feathers are making a triumphant return.

These delicate feathers grace some of our most beloved classics, including the Hazard tunique, Garance bustier and Venise bolero. By reimagining these iconic pieces with the addition of organza feathers, we not only breathe new life into them but also pay homage to the Maison's legacy of craftsmanship and the eccentricity of Vivienne Westwood’s punk chic creations. This fusion of the classic and the contemporary, the timeless and the avant-garde, is a testament to our pursuit of innovation while cherishing the roots that have made Maison Marie Saint Pierre a symbol of local excellence and global elegance. The return of these handmade organza feathers is a celebration of tradition and artistry, an invitation to explore fashion that transcends time and trends. It's a promise of individuality and the enduring beauty of garments that are emblematic of Maison Marie Saint Pierre's vision.

But these feathers do more than just reflect our dedication to craftsmanship. They play a pivotal role in this collection, by elevating our classics into a new dimension of punk chic, where tradition and rebellion harmoniously coexist. This dynamic play between classic staples and edgy accents is what makes this collection a celebration of both our Maison's legacy and the spirit of Vivienne Westwood-inspired punk chic.

We invite you to explore these pieces, to witness the meticulous artistry that goes into each piece and wear them with confidence and stand at the forefront of bold and innovative design.

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