"Today, we gather to celebrate the culmination of 35 years of Canadian craftsmanship and the indomitable spirit of creativity, innovation, and social responsibility embodied by one remarkable woman: Marie Saint Pierre.

In a world where trends come and go Marie Saint Pierre stands as a beacon of enduring excellence. Her journey through the labyrinth of the fashion industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the bustling streets of Montreal to the glamorous runways of Paris and New York, Marie has conquered hearts and shattered glass ceilings.

Her accolades read like a symphony of success, each note resonating with the harmonious blend of talent and tenacity. From being the first fashion designer admitted to the Arts Academy of Canada to receiving prestigious honours like the Knight of the National Order of Quebec and the Meritorious Service Medal, Marie has adorned her journey with laurels earned through sheer dedication and passion.

But beyond the glitz and glamour lies a deeper narrative - one of conscious creation and ethical stewardship. Maison Marie Saint Pierre is not just a label; it's a testament to the unwavering commitment to sustainability and social consciousness. Every stitch, fabric, and design reflect a profound respect for the environment and a sincere desire to positively impact society. In an industry often criticized for its wasteful practices and cutthroat competition, Marie Saint Pierre is a paragon of virtue, proving that fashion can be beautiful and benevolent.

Marie's devotion to her roots runs deep, like a towering oak. Montreal isn't just her city; it's her muse, canvas, and home. Through various charitable initiatives, like providing new and warm clothing for more than 5000 children, she has woven herself into the fabric of her community, leaving an indelible mark of compassion and empathy.

But Marie's journey is not just about the past; it's about the future - a future she envisions with boundless creativity and unwavering optimism. With each collection and innovation, she paints a picture of a worldwhere style meets substance, where fashion is not just a reflection of trends but a celebration of individuality and integrity.

So as we raise our glasses to Marie Saint Pierre and Maison Marie Saint Pierre, let us celebrate an extraordinary journey and reaffirm our commitment to creativity, sustainability, and social responsibility by wearing her designs.

In Marie's world, fashion isn't just about what you wear; it's about who you are and what you stand for. Thank you, Marie, for your positive impact on humanity and the exuberantly distinctive designs that make everyone wearing your timeless pieces feel special and unique!"

-Testimonial by Dr. Diana Monea

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A leading pioneer in the Canadian fashion scene, Marie Saint Pierre remains at the top of her game after her 35-year journey. A remarkable achievement in a domain that today rejects what it adored yesterday. Throughout her career, Marie Saint Pierre received numerous awards, grants and rewards for her creations, her entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to the community. In 2007, she received the Knight of the National Order of Quebec, and it’s the title of Knight of the National Order of Canada and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal that is awarded to her in 2012. The first fashion designer to be admitted to the Arts Academy of Canada. In 2015, she received the Outstanding Achievement Award and in 2018 the Designer of the Year in Women's Fashion from the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. In 2019, she received the Meritorious Service Medal awarded to her by the General Governor of Canada.

Located in Montreal’s Garment District on Chabanel street, the studio offers a space of 25 000 square feet, Maison Marie Saint Pierre currently employs a team of artisans working in close collaboration with local manufacturers. All clothes are entirely created, designed and fabricated in Montreal. The 915 Atelier is a space entirely dedicated to the production. Created in a atelier with a team of over 60 people, the collections are available in its flagship boutiques located in Montreal, Miami, online and in over 70 luxury ready-to-wear points of sale across North America.

Outstanding creations

A style recognizable by its graphic and linear effects, Maison Marie Saint Pierre collections use luxurious fabrics and a confection organized around research and development. Each creation, resulting from a real reflection of the fabrics, is a vision of the future. Added in recent years was a men’s capsule, an accessories and furniture collection, as well as perfumes and candles. The Maison Marie Saint Pierre also creates home and fashion accessories that fit perfectly into her collections thanks to her rigor, her attention to detail and her relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Maison’s vision and core values include conscious and ethical processes in its 360 actions: sourcing, product development, production and shipping. The brand partners with accredited European eco-friendly textile suppliers in Italy maintaining a low environmental impact and carbon footprint. Collections are made to order avoiding over-production and reducing waste.


Marie Saint Pierre seldom misses an opportunity to represent her city, Montreal city of design. The metropolis is at the heart of the brand since its clothes are created, designed and fabricated there for over 30 years. Marie Saint Pierre is also extremely involved in the evolution of fashion in Quebec : President of the Quebec Designer’s Association (CCMQ) in 2011, she is also the instigator of the CABINET ÉPHÉMÈRE, which invites local designers to showcase their creations as part of a nomadic boutique. Marie Saint Pierre involves herself in social issues, with women and children causes being particularly of importance to her. In 2004, the fund SOUS ZERO was set up. Not only did it provide new and warm clothing for more than 5000 children, but it also improved and supported their self-esteem. Additionally, she is on the board of directors for the MU society, which, by creating murals that are anchored in local communities, aim to trigger a social transformation to turn Montreal into an open-air art gallery.


Partnership with OSM
(Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal)

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  • Partnership with Baril.
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  • Participates at the FMD talk : Luxury Place in Montreal at the festival mode and design

  • Reiceved the award of ‘Womenwear Designer of the year’ at CAFA’s 5th annual Gala

  • Designs a line of accessories in collaboration with the Montreal brand LLY ATELIER
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  • Becomes the subject of a documentary film entitled Revealing Marie Saint Pierre; Recipient of Miami Fashion Festival Founder's Award; Received a nomination for Best Documentary at the largest fashion film festival in the world held in London, England

  • Gives Elle a conference at C2MTL

  • Gives a conference at prestigious event Women Of Influence

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  • Winner of Outstanding Achievement Award at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards
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  • Designs Habitat, a complete range of furniture and home accessories in collaboration with Meubles RE-NO

  • Gives a lecture at prestigious C2MTL

  • Collaborates with ceramist Pascale Girardin for the packaging and design of the perfumes
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  • Featured in Femme de Parole, a book from Châtelaine describing life lessons of 45 remarquable women in Quebec

  • Awarded Chevalier de l’Ordre du Tate Vin in Burgundy, France since she is a prominent figure in the fashion field
  • Member of the GTM, a group selected by the Quebec Finance Minister to study and consult on the fashion industry in Quebec.

  • President of Conseil des Créateurs de Mode du Quebec (association of Quebec Designers)

  • Instigator of the Cabinet Éphémère, a recurrent Pop-Up and Nomad store showcasing a curated group of designers
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  • Receives the prestigious Order of Canada and is awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

  • Website is recognized for design and wins a critically-acclaimed NUMIX award

  • Asked to envision and create the interior design of one of Jean Houde's model home’s

  • Partneres once again with Reitmans to create a second capsule collection, Marie Saint Pierre pour Reitmans
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  • Creates exclusive capsule collection Marie Saint Pierre for Reitmans

  • Launches Les Carnets de Marie, a brand blog to highlight inspiration and design behind the collections

  • Selected to showcase at The Gallery, Berlin’s most prestigious trade show

  • Partneres once again with Reitmans to create a second capsule collection, Marie Saint Pierre pour Reitmans
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  • Launches Eaux de Parfum B & C, a luxury fragrance collection, created exclusively in Paris

  • Appears as an expert judge during season two of La Collection, the French version of Project Runway (USA)

  • Selected to showcase at Tranoï, a well-curated and highly-respected trade show in Paris

  • Awarded Personality of the Year by SIDIM 2010, the Montreal Interior Design Show
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  • Marie Saint Pierre appears as an expert judge for La Collection, the French version of Project Runway (USA)

  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre launches a highly-anticipated Wedding Collection, with over 30 interchangeable designs

  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre creates a signature collection for Hôtel Le Germain Montreal, including exclusive bedding, pillows and throws
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  • Marie Saint Pierre us awarded first prize by Virtually Fashionable, and outfitted Lara Croft, the leading heroine character in Tomb Raider

  • Marie Saint Pierre is the recipient of the INTÉRIEURS / FERDIE 2008 Award for newly-launched boutique at Rockland shopping center

  • Marie Saint Pierre is selected by the prestigious Prêt-à-Porter Paris to showcase her collection in Paris
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  • Marie Saint Pierre receives honorary knighthood by Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Québec for her achievements in Canada’s fashion industry

  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre creates a second highly-anticipated collection for the Bratz franchise
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  • Marie Saint Pierre is awarded Woman of Distinction in the entrepreneurship category by the YWCA

  • Marie Saint Pierre is awarded Business Woman of the Year by the Consumers’ Choice Award

  • Marie Saint Pierre launches a Behind the Scenes FashionTM Collection,  a limited-edition collection for the Bratz franchise
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  • Marie Saint Pierre is invited by the Furriers Guild of Canada to present a capsule fur collection at New York’s 7th on Sixth event
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  • Marie Saint Pierre hosts third annual fundraiser fashion show for SOUS ZERO and clothed over 100 children with winter coats and necessities

  • Marie Saint Pierre invited by Mayor of Montreal to work as a mentor to Montreal’s young entrepreneurs
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  • Marie Saint Pierre is recognized with the Rare Pearl distinction by The Montreal Board of Trade for her involvement in the Canadian community

  • Marie Saint Pierre hosts the benefit fashion show for La Dauphinelle and raised nearly $100,000 for abused women and children

  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre launches the Saint Pierre Accessories label for active women on-the-go

  • Marie Saint Pierre is invited to present Spring 2004 collection in Heringsdorf, Germany
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  • Marie Saint Pierre is the winner of the Jean-Marie Gauvreau Prize at the Salon des Métiers d’Art du Québec

  • Marie Saint Pierre is named Personality of the Week by La Presse
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  • Marie Saint Pierre is the winner of Mode en Direct’s Jury Prize, organised by the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art during ArtCité

  • Marie Saint Pierre is invited to design uniforms for Montreal’s orchestral performance of I Musici

  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre launches new innovative retail concept space in Toronto, part showroom and part living space

  • Marie Saint Pierre is featured in Femmes Accomplies, a book dedicated to acknowledging the achievements of women in Quebec
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  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre launches a Hybrid Collection of multifunctional accessories that bridge bodywear and womenswear

  • Marie Saint Pierre is invited to design the uniforms for The Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal
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  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre showcased at the Exhibition Printemps-Québec France at the Palais de la Découverte

  • Marie Saint Pierre presents her collection at the Usine C in collaboration with French designer Élisabeth de Senneville

  • Marie Saint Pierre collaborates with Fashion Foundation Matinée to exhibit her Spring-Summer collection
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  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre successfully launched new boutique in Yorkville, Toronto

  • Marie Saint Pierre receives special recognition for the positive economic impact her boutique brought to the Quarier du Musée during Commerce Design Montréal
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  • Marie Saint Pierre contributes to Le Musée de la Civilisation in Quebec City, where her curated showcase of vintage clothing is still on display

  • Marie Saint Pierre participates in the publication of Entretiens avec Marie Saint Pierre, written by Pâquerette Villeneuve
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  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre successfully launches new boutique in downtown Montreal

  • Marie Saint Pierre is invited to participate in the A.P.D.M.Q. Fashion Show

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  • Marie Saint Pierre is Invited to design the uniforms of Le Musée du Québec

  • Marie Saint Pierre showcases her collection for the first time during New York Fashion Week

  • Marie Saint Pierre is the recipient of the Yorkdale Shopping Center Canadian Designer Award of Distinction

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  • Marie Saint Pierre participates in the Fall Foward exhibition at Toronto’s Design Exchange, which showcased the excellence of Canadian fashion designers

  • Marie Saint Pierre serves as jury member for the Smirnoff International Fashion Contest
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  • Marie Saint Pierre becomes the first Canadian designer to showcase her work at Collections Créateurs in Paris

  • Marie Saint Pierre is elected Personality of the Week by La Presse

  • Marie Saint Pierre is elected Vidal Sassoon Buyer’s Choice Designer of the Year
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  • Marie Saint Pierre is awarded Elle Québec’s Designer of the Year

  • Marie Saint Pierre is elected Personality of the Week by La Presse

  • Marie Saint Pierre is profiled extensively in Le Devoir
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  • Marie Saint Pierre is the recipient of the Griffe d’Or Award for best fashion collection in Quebec

  • Marie Saint Pierre receives a bursary from the Fondation Mode Matinée Ltée

  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre collections are sold in Paris’ fine boutiques: L’Eclaireur, Victoire et Absinthe
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  • Marie Saint Pierre is invited to showcase her collection in Singapore

  • Marie Saint Pierre hosen by Front Runner TV show (USA) as one of the great personalities of Montreal
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  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre launches a new boutique in the neighborhood of Old Montreal
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  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre is awarded the Woolmark Award

  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre is a bronze medalist, among 250 attendees, at the Mécène Award Contest in Los Angeles

  • Maison Marie Saint Pierre is chosen by Montreal to represent womenswear during the Montreal Top Mode campaign
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  • Marie Saint Pierre becomes the first person from Quebec to be selected to show her work at Coterie, a New York womenswear trade show
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  • Marie Saint Pierre creates her first ready-to-wear collection
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  • As a graduate from LaSalle College, Marie Saint Pierre received one of the two grants awarded by the Montréal Fashion Group to the most promising graduates in Montreal
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