Crafting a Wardrobe Legacy

Marie Saint Pierre’s modern creations are defined by a combination of elements; the importance conferred to the balance between form and function, and the leading edge design articulated around timeless qualities. It is also inextricably linked to the balance of natural and technological notions.


Knowing that the Marie Saint Pierre consumer is always on the move, designs are meant to perform; easy to travel with, light-weight, cleverly unlined, easy-care and wrinkle-free to name a few. That implies that the product’s technical properties transit well with demanding and adventurous lifestyles. Movement is key along with longevity. The consumer can and will wear its outfit through the day and still look impeccable and immaculate at the end of it. Due to the choice of technical fabrics and unique assemblage methods, the garments will keep their intact form and fit and will also wear well for years giving showing results.

Blazer Anne | Black
Pants STEN | Prusse
Skirt PALOMA | Prusse | Jacket | ANNA | Prusse