This season, we're redefining the boundaries of workwear with our versatile 9 to 9 outfits, designed to transition seamlessly from your workday to after-hours activities.

Our collection showcases a modern twist on classic workwear, featuring A-line dresses subtly accented or adorned with velvet accents. From large velvet bows that make a bold statement to dresses combining a double jersey top with a velvet skirt, these pieces offer a unique blend of textures and styles. This touch of luxury elevates our dresses, making them perfect for both a day at the office and an evening out.

We've also reimagined the traditional suit, combining different fabrics to give it an edge. Our suits are designed with a mix of our new cable knit, soft jersey, and classic fabrics such as scuba or double jersey. This combination of fabrics adds a unique texture and depth to our suits, setting them apart from your typical workwear.

Our Day to Dusk selection is all about versatility and style. Whether you're in a business meeting, attending a networking event, or enjoying a casual after-work gathering, our collection offers the perfect outfit to carry you through.

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Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Coat | Bram | Charcoal | Pewter
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Dress | Baliana | Black
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Top | Beauregard | Libella White
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Dress | Brittany | Black
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Dress | Boxai | Black | Charcoal
Sold Out
Maison Marie Saint Pierre | Dress | Billy | Black