Winter 2023 puts the spotlight on the enchanting colour sapphire, a colour that embodies depth, sophistication, and timeless beauty. Sapphire is present in various fabrics throughout this collection, in our stunning handmade organza feathers, tulle and our classic double jersey and mesh. The deep blue hue has captivated hearts for centuries, and this season, we invite you to embrace it in a whole new light.

At the heart of this collection lies the deep blue jersey, a classic MSP fabric that radiates elegance and comfort. The deep blue hue enhances the softness and warmth of jersey, making it a perfect choice for winter attire. Our deep blue jersey garments are designed to hug your body, providing both a flattering fit and a feeling of sheer luxury.

Adding a touch of whimsical beauty to our collection are the sapphire organza feathers. These delicate embellishments bring a sense of luxury and playfulness to our designs, creating a captivating contrast with the deep blue jersey. The mesh and tulle, its soft, translucent nature adds an air of lightness to the richness of sapphire, making each piece a true work of art. 

At the core of Maison Marie Saint Pierre, we believe in celebrating the elegance that lies in the details. Every stitch, every accessory, and every garment in our Winter 2023 collection reflects our commitment to marrying innovation with tradition, and each piece is designed to make you feel effortlessly chic.

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