Drive Defines Her by Porsche

[Marie Saint Pierre] I had the privilege of having amazing people around me as a child, people who were a part of my life. Artists, men and women, sculptors, painters, writers, but mainly leading women, women who broke glass ceilings.

- Marie Saint Pierre, fashion designer, for over 35 years, based in Montreal.

I learned at a young age to put on different glasses to look at things from different perspectives; it can be a shadow on the floor like it can be a building, a work of art, so it's macro to mic.

In my job and in my personal life, my job is to make things beautiful. Create beauty, well-being. Because beauty is exterior, well-being is interior. So, it's really joining the two. On an aesthetic level, but also on a personal level, my job is to create a garment that offers a certain form of power, which protects, and which ensures a zone of comfort, in which one can operate, move.

Movement is very, very important to me in my work. You must be able to move freely, especially as a woman. We have multiple lives. We have a lot of roles to fill. What keeps me awake is really making a garment that combines function and aesthetics, in addition to providing an emotion of well-being.

It is not easy to inspire future generations with words. I think actions are more important. We have the power to change things through our actions, through a way of living our life. To illustrate what we are doing personally to achieve either our goals or the happiness we seek.

It's a cliché to say you take risks, of course, but I think taking risks and being yourself is the greatest risk you take. This is perhaps the most difficult too because we have a lot of influence and crowds. Especially, right now, with everything that happens to us in a day, social media, images, etc. To aspire to be yourself, to sort things out every day, with a certain methodology. To ask ourselves who am I, what do I want to do. I think that's what gives an authentic approach. This is what makes you stay in something that is true. It's being able to make your dream come true, done. It's that simple. Even though it is cliché, achieving your dream is not an easy path to follow.

Drive Defines her


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